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Service Partners

We often get asked for references for heating contractors, handymen, plumbers, electricians etc.  While it is not our policy to promote one company or another, we feel it would be a benefit to provide the names of companies that we personally have dealt with.  We also accept referrals from close friends and family who’s opinion we trust.  Please understand that we do this as a courtesy and still encourage you to shop around when having work done.

Not only does Iain of windowrepairman.ca fix windows, he also has a full service dryer cleaning service.  This is essential in keeping your equipment running in top form and saving you money in the process!

Window repair Dryer duct cleaning

Michael Casey is heating and cooling expert and a former home Inspector who we have worked with over the years and he knows the types of situations homeowners run up against.

Call him directly for a no obligation quote on a new furnace or air conditioner, or to arrange a service/maintenance appointment. Michael Casey will take care of you.

Michael Casey

Residential Sales Consultant

1-1200 South Service Rd W



New furnace, air conditioning or Service.

Handy man - Pete Fleury

Pete works fast, is on time and charges a fair rate. What more do you need for the guy that can renovate bathrooms, kitchens, fix cupboards, install interlock walkways, paint or whatever you need done!

Pete Fleury

All around good guy!


Residential Window Tinting

Our office has a terrific southwest exposure, and anyone that has the same, knows how much heat comes pouring in those windows during the summertime.  Our office became so hot as to be almost un-useable.  No matter how we balanced the air conditioning, we just couldn’t get the room comfortable enough to use.

After some research we turned to the Solar Controller from Hamilton.  Bruce installed a special film that blocks the UV from getting in and it literally cut the temperature 10-15 degrees instantly!  So now I advise clients don’t crank up the A/C, get rid of the heat at the source.

Tell Bruce you heard of him through Capstone and get 5% off your installation!

Bruce Martin

Solar Controller
1180 Stonechurch Rd. East
Hamilton, Ontario