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Other Interests

So what do I  do when I have a few minutes of free time?  I build and fix arcade and pinball machines.  In and around the late 1990’s I was introduced to the MAME program.  With this one program you could run thousands of old arcade games!–just like the ones I used to feed quarters to in the mid 80’s.  Then after coming across ARCADECONTROLS.com and seeing the cabinets I was hooked.

My first machine was an old berzerk machine circa 2001-2 or so:

In 2003-4 I finished another machine and started on a miniaturized version that played fewer games but took up way less space.  

Main control panel                   Dual joystick               Dual steering wheels

Then later in 2004 I also started one of my most ambitious projects.  A completely scratch built machine with swappable control panels including built in gas/brake pedals and dual player light guns.  I really wanted a machine that could play everything and wanted a challenge as well.  

I also built a few in the meantime...

Really liked this one...

And this one...

This little beauty was built just cause I like building the little bartop machines.

To be continued...

As many inspectors will attest, December is typically a slow month.  So I built this one for a guy to give to his kids for Christmas.  This was built in less than 3 weeks and is probably the fastest built machine I have ever done!